Verification of suitability of standards for the quality assurance of the system of the VNFIL is useful to conduct during exams from the following points and questions:


  • Is the description of competences comprehensible?
  • Are the required competences relevant for the particular qualification?

Evaluation criteria

  • comprehensibility
  • Does the criterion lead to relevant competence or its part?
  • Is the level of difficulty the same for all applicants?
  • Is it possible to verify the criterion?

Methods of verification

  • Does the method allow verification of the criterion?
  • Is it possible to apply the method?

Examination instructions

  • Do instructions lead to a desired progress of the exam?
  • Are these instructions feasible?

Requirements for the Authorised Person’s professional qualification

  • Does the examiner possess all the needed competences for a high quality examination?

Requirements on the technical background

  • Is it possible to verify all the criteria using material and equipment available?

Examination preparation time and duration of examination

  • Does indicated period of time correspond with content and scope of the exam?)

Authorising bodies are according to the act 179/2006 responsible for supervision of exams. Supervision is also stipulated by the act 552/1991 on state supervision.
They should check during exams above:

a)      Are all formal exam requirements fulfilled? (Commission, documents, length of the exam, safety requirements etc.)

b)      Are all criteria of all competences verified according to assessment standards?

c)       Is the evaluation of fulfilment of criteria done objectively?

d)      Are all required methods of verification observed? (Practical demonstration, verification in writing or verbal, tests, etc.)

e)      Are all technical requirements (material and equipment) fulfilled?

f)       Are standards set in such a way that they allow verification of competences objectively in given professional qualification? If not, how the standards should be modified/revised.

The officials representing authorizing bodies, will be able to assess supervise mostly points a), and d). Other point and questions will be ensured by experts from relevant sector councils.