Activities of sector councils aim to further develop the National Register of Qualifications and are set up in such a way, that they take place in annual cycles. In the initial stage (Q1) the situation on the labour market and its reflection in education is annually analysed. This analysis is the starting point in deciding how to optimally develop the sector councils in the various sectors of the economy and in what structure and scope.

The proposal and design of new vocational qualifications belongs among the important activities of the SC. The list of proposed qualifications is a result of the analysis of needs in the sector and is submitted to the Coordinating Council for approval. After the approval the relevant standards are created. With regard to the crucial importance of the analysis of the needed vocational qualifications, this activity is centrally supported by information materials such as:

  • Available current analytical materials prepared within the sector;
  • Current sector studies prepared by field groups organised in the National Institute for education (NUV);
  • Sector development analyses prepared by the National Observatory of Employment and Training;
  • Sector analytical materials commissioned by the Czech Confederation of Industry and other employers' organizations.