The act 179/2006 on the Verification and Recognition of Further Education Results (the act on VNFIL) specifies the responsibilities and competences of all relevant stakeholders:

  • The Ministry shall coordinate the activities of central administration bodies, approve, amend, repeal and publish the list of complete vocational and vocational qualifications broken down according to the competences of authorising bodies, approve, amend and repeal qualification standards and assessment standards and support the activities of the Board materially and financially;
  • Authorizing bodies (other relevant ministries) decide on granting authorisation to an applicant who is legally entitled to be granted authorisation provided that he/she satisfies all conditions for granting authorisation, monitor exams, maintain records stipulated by the law and provide them to the National Institute for Education and participate in preparing qualification standards and assessment standards.
  • Authorized bodies (schools, associations, firms, public or private providers of continuing education etc.) assess learning outcomes of learners (exam applicants) regardless of the method they were obtained.
  • Stakeholders (chambers of employers, associations, representatives of schools and universities) participate in preparing qualification and assessment standards.
  • National Board for Qualifications is an advisory body of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the field of qualifications.
  • National Institute for Education administers the information system NSK and in cooperation with the National Board for Qualifications, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and other stakeholders prepares qualification and assessment standards, submits them to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for approval and publishes them on the NSK information system at www.narodnikvalifikace.cz.