The NSK provides a collection of standards, allowing the objective verification and recognition of abilities.

Vocational qualifications are awarded according to the act 179/2006 by authorized bodies in accordance with the relevant evaluation standards. Authorized bodies must have a representative who is a physical person. Conditions for the granting of authorization are governed by the act 179/2006 and are of two kinds:

  • Requirements regarding the professional competence of the authorized body or its representative
  • Requirements regarding material and technical equipment of the authorized body.

Every organisation which wishes to conduct evaluations for a particular partial qualification must request approval from the authorizing body, which must be an agency of the Czech government, either a ministry or the Czech National Bank according to the act 179/2006, listed for that qualification in the NSK: (www.narodnikvalifikace.cz).

Information on authorization requests is provided on the web pages of authorizing bodies. Authorizing bodies evaluate whether an applicant meets the conditions of the assessment standard and either grants or rejects the application accordingly.

A list of authorized bodies, including contact information, is included in the NSK web page along with each vocational qualification in the NSK, where authorization has been granted. Applicants for qualifications can then apply to individual authorized bodies for evaluation.

At the examination the applicant must demonstrate all the competences listed in the qualifications standard according to the criteria in the assessment standard. In case of success, he or she is awarded the vocational qualification.

The awarding of complete qualifications can take place in various ways:

  • Under the Education Act, i.e., by graduation from a programme of study on successful completion of the examination required by the Act, e.g. the Maturita or Apprenticeship Examination.
  • Under the act 179/2006, in one of the following ways:
    • by acquiring the corresponding vocational qualifications and then completing the examination for the corresponding programme of study, where such exists
    • by acquiring the corresponding partial qualifications after having already acquired a qualification at the same level in initial education, where no programme of study corresponds to the complete qualification sought

Vocational qualification certificate is a nationwide valid certificate that contains personal data of the applicant, authorized body data, the exam report and a list of verified and validated competences. The certificate and the exam report are stored as required by the law on archiving.